Since 2014, Malaya has gained more than 100K streams across all digital platforms which are rooted back from uploads via Soundcloud. He also brought the best out of Malaysia’s Independent Electronic Music by cultivating the essence of a bedroom producer which then led to a new birth of an independent music scene in Peninsular Malaysia. 


Since then, Malaya had thrived to be a successful independent musician which saw him won The Wknd Recording Fund, performing for big stages such as Urbanscapes, Uber : Yuna Homecoming, Goodvibesfestival X Boiler Room, RTB Festival and his own homecoming show sponsored by RTB and Vans. Malaya is also active in the local music scene collaborating with other big uprising local acts such as Gard, Quai, Ichu, Shelhiel, I-Sky, Izhar, Airliftz, Bastard, Zsyia, Confucius, Frs, as well as international acts Ramengurl (Indonesia) Laze (Indonesia), JiaFeng (China), and SOWUT (Taiwan).