MC Syze is a Malaysian rapper, entertainer, & producer. Apart from also having a stint as a radio personality and regularly doing voice-acting gigs, Syze is known first & foremost as a hip-hop artist of the highest caliber.

A veteran in the local scene, Syze’s stage presence and charisma puts him a notch above the rest. He has opened for Kanye West (USA), Missy Elliot (USA), Nas (USA), The Roots (USA), and numerous other international Hip-Hop juggernauts throughout his career and has even performed in a maximum-security prison in Jakarta, Indonesia called Cipinang Penitentiary Institution in a first-of-its-kind anti-drug Hip-Hop show that showcased artists from all over Southeast Asia.

After 16 years of being an active recording artist in the Malaysian music landscape, he's decided to embark on a new chapter in his career & leverage the knowledge & wisdom gained from his time in the local urban scene and start his own independent label - Trigger Happy Records. The label’s first project is MC Syze's upcoming debut album - ‘Syze Does Matter’.

Some of Syze’s most notable feats include his radio hit Dancin’ that charted for more than a year and his collaboration with Malaysian Urban Scene giant, DJ Biggie, and rapper, Dan Shiv, to produce Harimau Malaya (Black & Yellow Remix) – the anthem for the Malaysian football team. A cultural staple to the Malaysian hip-hop scene, Syze continues to prove that he is more than just a rapper – he is a Creative Force.