The start of her career as a  rapper was not as easy as it  sounds and definitely she has passed some tough rocks on the way here. Nur Qamarina Arissa or better know as Hullera, an aspiring Malaysian female rapper whose name was first recognised on a local broadcast station for local Hip Hop music. She also gained attention for her attitude which is deemed, "no filter"  and soon after, she became an Internet sensation for her sense of style, personality and eye catching talent. 


Hullera first came out as a rapper when she dropped herfirst ever single “Keep It Real” right after her song with her fellow friend, “BJ In My DNA”. After a few months, she released two freestyles on YouTube called "Panadol"  & “Siapa Punya” which both hit hundred thousands views which then followed by her iconic appearance on 16 Baris making her mark in the hip hop industry as Hullera. he has high hopes that through music, she would be able to inspire the younger generation and be a role model as she believes that youth empowerment is important for civilisation.

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