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Clumsygang is an ATL influenced alternative hip hop group founded on 2016 in  Sepang. Led by Ichu and formed partially on their first debut performance on  HOAX005. Clumsygang songs are playful and exuberant, relating stories of  everyday events and daily struggles, and this diversity is what largely  distinguishes their lyrics and sound. 

The group consists of experimental producer/rapper, Ichu, NIC,  KIDFROMTHEBLOCK, and Adam Imanullah, vocalists/producers Unlock,  producer/DJ Aimampus, as well as graphic designer/photographer/manager  Roy (who also features prominently as a DJ). 

The group released their first mixtape Clumsygang Volume 1 in 2017. Their  debut studio album, Volume 2, was released on 2020.