Desa Pandan-based rapper ChronicalZ was born in 2000 & started rapping by  the time he was 15. Earning his early recognition by joining CDN Squad in 2016  alongside line ups like Addy Khayal & AlienXin, he entered the big leagues with his viral single, "Bata Got Hype" in 2018 earning him major recognition  throughout the scene. Presently being involved in collectives like Apollo XIII &  City Bois Worldwide, the "Bata Trendsetter" is now highly recognized for his  identical  tone when he raps.

CITYBOIS is a ten-member collective based in Kuala Lumpur.  Established in 2020, the members are comprised of acts such as Afiq Not Nice, Against Mel, AQU, ChronicalZ, DaFlameBeats, Dinho, Ghostbear, Guccimith,  PFTD and Vertgin. Apart from song writing and music production, they also  venture in other forms of art such as graphic design, motion graphics and  fashion design.

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