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It's best to expect the unexpected when it comes to Arabyrd, especially with her signature sound featuring electronic bass music with Bornean elements. A multi-talented artist with unbelievable star power, in-demand DJ, fashion enthusiast and fitness junkies, get ready to be astounded by Arabyrd.

Arabyrd, whose real name is Arafah Edruce, is a Malaysian alternative electronic, hip-hop and R&B artist. Her music is very individualistic and very heavily influenced by her roots in Sarawak.


Her career began with a bang as she was booked to perform for various international festivals. Her EP "Disco Nected" waas well-received by fans internationally and she has also been awarded the Best Female Rapper during the Malaysian Hip Hop Awards. Not only is she a successful solo artist, she is also part of a well-loved DJ duo named Twinkies where she performs with Nadia.