His captivating, high-energy performances transport audiences to the future as Quai blends musicianship, creativity and new wave sounds. It’s a “bottomless barrel of rap ear candy and relatable” in the words of one eloquent fan as Quai keeps them dancing, moshing and singing too.

Juxtaposing instruments in his beats with experimental sounds, he sure knows how to entertain as audience members have described the Quai as “excellent rapper combined with entertaining showpersonship,” “witty music with meaningful lyrics that make people want to sing along” and “high energy with an impactful vibe,”.

Having performed at many clubs and events in Kuala Lumpur, Quai has more events than he can count under his belt, including the Raising The Bar - Sunday Afternoon Club, HMO- Too Saucy, Atas Maulana, Lollipop Party at The Bee and even CPR Tour with Superinggang. Quai have been invited back for performances at neighbourhood events and local festivals with a mission to elevate the Malaysian Music scene.

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Shilky + Jay (read as: Shilky and Jay)
Shilky + Jay is a duo consisting of two artists, Shilky and Jaystation. This duo was formed during the midst of MCO. Both artists have very different styles. Shilky, known for his iconic Az-Man and 4L4Y tracks and Jaystation’s more traditional approach towards rap and writing style, both artists collaborated to produce songs which are contrasting from their usual style. Their upcoming release, “melankoli + sweet dreams” which explores the theme of relationship and love while also having a conceptual take will be the first project from the duo.



Ameeusement is formerly known as Attune. A singer, songwriter, and producer involved in the local music industry since 2012 but has had a hard time coming out of his shell, Ameeusement is known on soundcloud for his singles; "if I ever" produced by WUZGUT, ‘overthinking' produced by izz4d and 'message untuk you' produced by Ariefrsli. He is one of the contributors to GARDWUZGUTʼs Club Perenang Rohani EP and can be heard in the track "Senja". His upcoming EP “A Background Bunny” will be available soon.

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Offgrid was first discovered by GARD WUZGUT because of his unique, pleasuring vocals with a twist of sad, melodic, dark, futuristic & endless gloomy vibe. He started his first music appearance back in 2018 with the stage name ‘AP’. Offgrid soon started his professional music career & appeared on recognized album, CPR (Club Perenang Rohani). Sorry If Rindu is one of his mark on Malaysian music histories. More music has been released & has been featured with various artists such as Quai, Nobi & many more. 


Nobi is an independent rapper, songwriter and producer hailing all the way from Tampin, Malaysia. Starting from a humble beginning as a retro tracks producer back in 2015 from  a-bedroom-studio he then forges ahead making music together with his  brother, JohnNasa, a promising future beatmaker, in 2017. "Tunduk" and "She  Like" take place from his collaboration with emerging local Malaysian rapper, Gard, and Offgrid throughout 2019. His music was inspired by different music genres like pop, rock and alternatives  music evolved in Malaysia. While experimenting with his sounds, Nobi ventured  into the trap soul genre that blends elements of trap, soul, electronic, and R&B  and also thrilled to try a new genre



Gard started off as a beatboxer before paving his own way to becoming a full on artist, picking up the skill of rapping on top of producing and songwriting.


Wuzgut on the other hand is a producer with a trademark soundscape that revolves around your average hip-hop sound but integrating it with eerie, melancholic and dark ambience.


Their debut EP release, CPR (Club Perenang Rohani), caught the public’s attention with hits such as Wonderland and Senja getting hundreds of thousands streams within first few weeks of release. Ever since then, they went on to further cement their presence in the local hip-hop scene with numerous releases, which in turn has accumulated them millions of total streams and built some sort of a cult following around them.